Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Ten Step Plan To Fight Against Cancer

Dr. Lorraine Day was a well-known author of the book about AIDs and recognized as an expert in AIDs. Also, she is an orthodox medical doctor; in fact, she is the Chief of Orthopedic Surgery and also the Vice Chairman of the Department of Orthopedics. At first, she kept on telling her patients that their nutrition has no relation with their health, and there she proved herself wrong. As she start coming to the Cancer Control Society, she began talking about cancer and dealing with alternative doctors. And about that time, she discovered that she had breast cancer. Her first doctor refused to take care of her unless she would undergo chemotherapy. But she just wanted the lump to be removed and not have chemotherapy. Her doctor abandoned her so she went to her former colleague, who is a breast cancer surgeon. He took the lump in Dr Day’s breast but there are still cancer cells around her breast. The surgeon told her that her breast must be removed. Then again she refused. The surgeon said that she must undergo some other kind of treatment to destroy the cancer cells. But Dr. Day didn’t want to have any of those treatments. Then she just went home and called up her friend who has recovered from breast cancer. Her friend suggested that she’ll try the Gerson Therapy, and that was the beginning of her recovery from cancer. And she proved that she’s not scared of cancer.

In order to avoid cancer, Dr. Day created her diet centered program because she believes that we can fight cancer through building up our immune system. This can be done through a well-balanced diet. She also said that we can cure disease in a natural way and we do not have to undergo such traumatic and painful surgeries. All we have to do is to eat the right and healthy foods.

To summarize her method of fighting cancer Dr Day developed the “Ten Steps to Fight Cancer”. These 10 steps are great guidelines for healthy living, and with proper supplementation, provide a solid foundation. The following are the ten steps to fight cancer.

  1. Proper Nutrition. This explains what the patient should and should not eat.
  2. Exercise. We must do exercise which we could enjoy.
  3. Drink Water. Our body needs water to transport nutrients to healthy cells and to excrete toxins.
  4. Sunlight Exposure. We need sunlight in order to boost our immune system.
  5. Temperance. We should avoid our unhealthy habits.
  6. Fresh Air. We need a fresh air environment because cancer grows faster when a person breathes uncirculated indoor air.
  7. Proper Rest at Proper Time. We have to rest at a proper time. This is to make our immune system stronger.
  8. Stress Relief. We have to be relaxed especially after our stressful work.
  9. Attitude of Gratitude. We must think positive and be happy in order to be healed effectively.
  10. Spiritual Benevolence. We have to know what is good not only to ourselves but also to others.

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